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Sampson Forestry is a silviculture contracting company specializing in manual brushing for forest vegetation management. We aim to advance silviculture jobs and practices by building strong relationships with clients and continuing to develop and implement safe operating procedures. As a newer member of the silviculture contracting sector, we thrive to address the needs of a new generation of silviculture workers. We offer comfortable and improved accommodations, a safe, respectful environment to grow and a dependable wage that encourages career longevity.

PATRICK BRYSON Owner/Supervisor

Patrick spent his early years moving between Europe and Canada finally settling on Vancouver Island.  He gained a wealth of experience managing silviculture projects after having spent 20 years as a member of the tree planting community in BC and Alberta.

Patrick has planted over 1 million trees, directly supervised the planting of over 24 million trees and supervised the brushing/spacing of over 4000 hectares.

With this vast experience, he has developed strong relationships with foresters across western Canada by providing a predictable workflow, implementing usable health and safety systems and policies while hiring employees which are second to none.

Please contact Patrick for references and a company resume.

Health & Safety

Sampson Forestry understands that the strength of our company comes from our employees and clients.  It is our commitment to provide a safe and comfortable work environment on all of our worksites.

Employee and client involvement in the development of our health and safety policy and reporting unhealthy conditions and close calls is crucial in limiting accidents.

Safety is the direct responsibility of Owners, Supervisors and all Employees.

Sampson Forestry is SAFE company certified through the BC Forest Safety Council.

Training & Supervision

New employees are properly trained with a focus on the specific tasks they will be performing. The strong leadership of our supervisory team ensures all jobs are completed safely, at an acceptable quality standard and in a timely manner.

Every workday begins with a tailgate meeting to go over safety concerns and hand out maps, radios and first aid kits. Morning meetings promote dialogue and bring to light any inefficiencies, leading to solutions, leading to maximum earnings.

We encourage employees to take responsibility for every aspect of their job. Our past and future successes are reliant on our crews performing tasks at or above an acceptable quality standard and maintaining a sense of responsibility and pride in a job well done.

Our Goals & Values

Sampson Forestry intends to become the most productive and dependable Manual Brushing contractor in Western Canada by integrating the core principles below into their day to day operations.
-Health and safety above all else while continuing to develop new safe operating procedures.
-Maintain open communication and ensure a full understanding of our client's needs.
-Train all employees to maintain a quality standard that is acceptable province-wide.
-Driving value for clients and ensuring open communication regarding the costs of services.
-Provide a flexible schedule for employees that will allow for faster physical recovery and a longer, more productive season.
-Offer employees above-average earnings for above-average quality and effort.



Using a clearing saw or chainsaw to cut/remove any competing trees and/or brush around crop trees in a tree stand or block. Result: a free-growing young forest.


Thinning out tree stands by cutting excess trees to a desired density and removing competing brush. Typical density is 1600-2000 stems per hectare.


Dependant on favourable weather conditions during the late fall/early winter months. Moving block to block burning the excess wood/slash piles.


Spending time out in the vastness of our Canadian forest can be a wonderful opportunity to take a step back from everyday life. Most, if not all silviculture jobs offer a certain tranquility attained by spending time alone throughout the day. It offers a birds eye view of oneself and a chance at a sense of renewal. Let us not forget these moments and celebrate them!


Manual Brushing Season 2021

We work hard to make Sampson Forestry your ideal choice for brush cutting projects and this is reflected by a large number of returning saw operators and staff.


Our manual brush cutting season starts May 5th and finishes early August for a 70 workday season.

  • Comfortable accommodations (Houses/Motels/RV Trailers)

  • Above-average wages paid every two weeks

  • Approachable management and owners

  • 3 days on 1 day off with 2 day break each month


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