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Work With Us – 2022 Manual Brushing Season in BC

Work With Us - 2021 Manual Brushing Season

We work hard to make Sampson Forestry your ideal choice for brush-cutting projects and this is reflected by a large number of returning saw operators and staff. Our manual brush cutting season starts May 5th and finishes early August for a 70 workday season. We are currently looking to fill 3 clearings saw operator positions for the 2021 Summer brushing season starting May 5th.

Comfortable Accommodations

Experience comfortable accommodation in Houses, Motels, or RV Trailers for remote work sites.

No Camp Costs

We respect how hard you work and you deserve more money in your pocket this season.

70 Day Work Seasons

Our season starts in early May and runs into August. We also offer another 30-40 days in the fall for a total of approximately 110 workdays.

Full Days - Efficient Planning

Last year we completed 80 full workdays in 110 total days.

A Respectful and Safe Workplace

Strong policies and procedures in camp and on worksites to eliminate harassment and misconduct.

Employee Training

All employees are trained and participate in regular safety and logistics meetings.

Experienced Staff

Our Supervisors have an average of 9 years of experience managing silviculture projects. We are available to ensure your safety and success.

Approachable Management

Due to the remote nature of our work we are available 24/7 throughout the season.

Great Piece Rates

Running a clearing saw is hard work so you must be compensated accordingly.

Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule

You can count on steady payroll processing every two weeks throughout the season.

Quality Projects

Most of our projects are with long-term clients who prefer our attention to detail and respect how hard we work.

Predictable & Consistent Seasons

Due to the consistency of our worksites, it is possible to improve quality and production and in turn, increasing earnings year over year.